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Through our training offer, users will have the possibility to apply into practice skills such as virtual collaboration, digital communication, virtual planning and the ability to achieve goals. Through Moodle LMS we deliver full e-learning projects,  pre-recorded video lessons and video pills composed by different sets of short sessions and practical exercises, specifically designed for people who do not have much time available for learning. Our courses are addressed to companies, professionals, training organizations and universities.


Soft skills


Flexible work skills


Digital skills

Edulai Academy

Together with our e-learning courses, you will get access to our Edulai Academy, a platform that suggests users high-quality content for soft and digital skills improvement.

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Develop your soft skills
Critical Thinking course

Critical thinking

During the course, the key aspects of critical thinking and different techniques for its application in the field will be learned and discussed.

Leadership course


During the course, the key aspects of being a leader will be addressed to achieve common goals, using empathy and organizational skills to motivate others and to delegate.

Teamwork course


Along the way, users will learn how to collaborate together as a team, to develop a common project, to manage conflicts.

Problem solving course



During the course, the key aspects of the problem solving process and different techniques for its resolution and application will be used and learned.

Creativity & innovation course

Creativity & innovation

During the course, users will learn the key aspects of creativity and innovation, and then use strategies and techniques to apply these skills in practice.

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Gender Bias

This training will offer the possibility to understand what are Gender Bias, Inclusive Language, Sessual Harassment and to be able to identify and manage them.  .


Develop your flexible work skills

Communicate with technology course

Communicate with technology

The course will guide users to learn the key aspects of written, spoken and multimedia communication, putting into practice the key principles, techniques and technologies.

Collaboration in virtual teams course

Collaboration in virtual teams

Working within a virtual team means being able to structure tasks, manage conflicts, build relationships online. The course will address these key issues.

Well-being and mindfulness course

Well-being and mindfulness 

The course aims to improve the well-being of the worker who becomes more motivated, developing balanced and more productive work rhythms.

Use of digital technologies course

Use of digital technologies

New technologies, if used correctly, allow the user to simplify daily tasks and adopt a more agile way of working. The course will be a support to this path.

Remote time management course

Flexible work time management

The course will guide the user in learning the principles of time management, work by objectives, applying them in remote working practice.

Bon ton of remote work course

Bon ton of remote work

The course will address the key aspects that make communication and remote business meetings more effective and professional, avoiding unpleasant or embarrassing situations.

Leadership in virtual teams course

Leadership in virtual teams

The course will address the features required to a virtual leader, the techniques for group management, for the organization of work and the division of tasks.

Remote space management course

Remote space management

The course will help the user to put into practice the notions for managing physical space, improving the organization of remote working practice.

Information research course

Information research

The course will address issues related to the research, management and evaluation of information available on the web to develop a critical and objective vision of contents and reality.

Develop your digital skills
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Every skill mastered can be certified through a Digital Badge.

Soft skills
Remote work skills

Edulai Academy

How does it work?

Edulai Academy suggests, in real time, selected quality resources best suited to each users for their soft and digital skills improvement. It is accessible online from everywhere in the world with a personal user ID and password. 

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