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We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate professionals interested in bringing a change in the world of soft and transversal skills and how they are taught today in the Educational Technology world. If you want to join this revolution, explore here below our openings or just submit your CV for further consideration

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Open Positions

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Smarthink is a fresh bottom-up work environment, where key importance is given to research, innovation and technological advancement. We believe in lifelong learning and on the possibility to develop proper skills towards life. We believe in economic growth, inclusiveness and productive employment for both youngest and women, as well as experienced professionals. We believe in a flexible working style and support our collaborators in this approach. If you think to have the skills we need and your values are the same as our own, consider applying for these openings 

Data Processing
Data Analyst

Remote - Part time

We are looking for a Data analyst with good pragmatic e critical thinking skills with at least 3 years of professional experience especially in the artificial intelligence sector. He/she should have good knowledge of data collection methods and of statistic analysis tools. He/She should demostrate advanced skills in data management, data modeling, data mining, data enrichment, cluster analysis, text mining and softwares of big data analysis such as analythics software and BI.  Finally, he/she should have a good command of reporting tools and techniques of data visualization - 

Sales expert

Remote - Part Time

The Sales Expert has an in-depth understanding of all company products and services, and the skills and industry knowledge required to sell them.  To be successful as a sales specialist, should be able to explain product and service specifications clearly and concisely. Top candidates have

  • At least 3 years of work experience in the field or similar field

  • Strong critical thinking skills.

  • Excellent customer service and leadership skills.

  • Strong networking abilities.

  • Strong degree of diplomacy and the ability to work with a range of different people.

Il pensiero creativo
Assistant Project Manager

Remote - Intership

The Assistant Project Manager will support the Project Manager in all sort of projects run by the company preparing presentations, reports, newsletters, skills and training documents and so on. The candidate should have at least some experience in similar or marketing positions, a good command of English language and being able to use the most common communication and digital softwares. The candidate should also own a good level of interpersonal and communication skills, together with collaboration and problem solving skills. 

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