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About Us

Edulai by Smarthink is a start up company funded in 2016 by Lucilla Crosta and Maisano Carmelo. Lucilla is a lecture expert and passionate in the use of educational technology for teaching and learning online while Carmelo is a professional expert in business management and finance. Both Smarthink co-founders have years of experience in their fields and share the passion for what they do. 

Edulai Team

Meet the Team

Lucilla Crosta
Lucilla Crosta

C.E.O. and Co-Founder

Carmelo Maisano
Carmelo Maisano


Stefano Ghidotti
Stefano Ghidotti

Business Analyst

Fabiana Stucchi

Administrative Specialist

Massimo Antonucci
Massimo Antonucci

Psychologist Advisor & Trainer

Paola Azzi immagine_edited.png
Paola Azzi

Social Media Marketing Trainer

Massimo Bartolucci_edited.jpg
Massimo Bartolucci

Life Coach e Theatre teacher

Tatiana Maira

Moodle Course Administrator

foto linkedin_edited.png
Paola Novellini

Certified Trainer & Coach

Roberto Lentini

Sales Manager

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