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Skills Assessment

Edulai Skills Checker® is a unique Patented software created to measure soft and flexible working skills required nowadays by the job market. The tool is well aligned with European Guidelines requesting skills assessment levels and with European micro-credentialism system. The Skills Checker® can well assess skills before running a training for example, and aims at developing micro-credentials. The flexibility of the Skills Checker® enables companies and institutions to assess new competencies in addition to the standard set.

Edulai has been chosen by HeadsHunters and Maisano Consulting for the recruitment

of their talents

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How does it work?

Edulai Skills Checker login
Edulai Skills Checker scores

Edulai Skills Checker® presents a series of professional cases to which users have to answer online. Once the answers are submitted, users and supervisors can monitor the results in real time. Supervisors have also access to an additional report including aggregated statistics.

Monitor skills advancements of
your employees

Check workers' skills through Edulai Skills Checker® statistics to identify top performing employees and find out who owns the skills you need. Get in touch with us to request a trial of Edulai Skills Checker® for skills assessment or a free consultation!

Edulai Skills Checker statistics

Different accounts available


The institutions can add users and new Tests to the system


The Supervisor manages Test and invites people to complete it and see individual and aggregated analytics

Basic User

The individual logs into the system with the ID and password and takes the Test

Skills Checker® Validation

Edulai Skills Checker® has also been validated and tested through careful statistical analysis. If you want to know more click the tab below:

You are not alone

Our team is here to help you by providing clarifications on both how to interpret Edulai results and on how to use Edulai Skills Checker® and its features.

Did you know?

We also offer advice and support on how to use the Skills Checker® to evaluate competencies other than soft skills, as our flexible assessment system is adaptable to different contexts and needs. 

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