Remote working and wellbeing 

Flexible working models are an important part of the fight against COVID-19 because they reduce workplace contact, indeed many companies and organizations switched to teleworking and virtual meetings at an early stage of the crisis. With our service we help companies to plan for a smart working model and to transit to it from a traditional face to face approach.

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Step 1: Measure Smart Working skills of candidates and employees 

Smart Working requires, both employees and employers, to own new soft skills that are often neglected when the work is carried out in presence. For this reason, here at Edulai, our Skills Checker® can now measure also the skills of a good "Smart Worker". Head hunters and companies HR managers can use our tool when selecting, training or developing new candidates and employees.

Step 2: Improve Smart Working skills and wellbeing of employees

E-learning in virtual teams

Through our e-learning offer in virtual teams, learners will have the possibility to apply into practice skills such as virtual collaboration, digital communication, virtual planning and the ability to achieve  goals.  Open mindedness is another important skill they will develop while learning together online. In additions, users during the e-learning course, have access to Edulai Intelligent Library for improving their skills.

Job Crafting to increase productivity and wellbeing at workplace

Job crafting means taking proactive behaviours to make workers' daily activities, more satisfying and related to their personal interests, traits and skills. Thanks to job crafting it is possible to enhance productivity and wellbeing in the workplace by making staff's tasks more pleasant and aligned with their goals and interests. Our consultancy services  and interventions are aimed at implementing in action Job crafting’s principles and practice in the workplace. They can be delivered also in an online format.

Practical Working Lab on delegation

The main consequence of being part of a team, especially when working from remote location, is the growing responsibilities that if not properly managed, may create additional challenges for workers . For this reason, it is important to learn how to manage and delegate tasks, while trying to expand relationships and collaborations with others not only to achieve goals but also to improve results. The practical Working Lab on delegation offers this possibility to managers and workers all over the world. The Lab can be accessed also online.

Video Pills on remote working

These video pills are composed by different sets of short video lessons specifically designed for company employees containing information on 4 key pillarsof the remote working approach, namely: the management of physical space, the time management; remote working and technology and on key guidelines for an effective remote working. Video Pills can be delivered any time, any place being offered in a recorded asynchronous format. They can be integrated with some other synchronous and asynchronous follow up activities.

Step 3: Monitor the skills advancements of your employees

Check employees' Smart Working skills development through our Edulai Skills Checker® and access our statistics to see the best improvements, the most performing employee and find out those with the best skills you need.

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