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Flexible work 

Many companies and organizations have switched to flexible working models. With our services we help people to understand what are the soft skills required for digital work and help institutions to develop them

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Check Flexible Work skills of candidates and employees 

Flexible Work requires, both employees and employers, to own new specific skills that are often neglected when the work is carried out completely in presence. For this reason, Edulai Skills Checker® can measure and monitor the so called Digital Soft Skills", the so called soft skills but moved into digital world. Heads hunters and companies HR managers can use our tool when selecting, training or developing new candidates and employees.


Improve Flexible Work skills of employees with our projects

Project management

Increase company performances

Through the Delegation Lab, the company contributes to the empowerment of the individual, positively impacts on motivation and on the performances of the team. This approach enhances remote work and general trust in the organization.

Job crafting

Job crafting against

work-related stress

Job Crafting is an innovative technique, enhancing the talents of each one, bringing them into the working routine, increasing the motivation and productivity of workers. This increases their psycho-physical well-being.

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