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Writing Assessment

Edulai Writing Assessment is a specific feature that measures, in real time, how users are good in critical thinking and in communication through their writing. Edulai Artificial Intelligence engine performs this 2-3 steps automatic assessment online.


The labour market reports a lack of workers skills in written communication and in original thinking


An automatic online assessment system detecting in written text, critical thinking and communication skills

How does it work?

Within a user account, Edulai enables you to submit a piece of writing to the Artificial Intelligence engine and to get a real time assessment for skills, ranging from 1 to 5 (basic to expert) together with some useful feedback!

Text assessment AI

The system evaluates skills based on a Rubric built in-house by the Edulai team


The supervisor account allows to monitor the results of the overall evaluations of the users


The 2 or 3 steps evaluation reduces the bias of an automated system


The system uses a 5-stars rating system to indicate each level of skill

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