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Assess your critical thinking
through Generative AI

Edulai Critical Thinking is a special feature that measures, in real time, how users are good in critical thinking and in communication skills through the analysis of their writing. Our Edulai Patented software performs through an Artificial Intelligence engine, 2-3 steps automatic assessment online. Recently, through Google support, Generative AI has been added to our tool for a unique assessment experience


The labour market reports a lack of workers skills in original thinking and innovation 


An automatic online assessment system detecting in written text, critical thinking and communication skills

How does it work?

Within a user account, Edulai enables you to submit a piece of writing to the Artificial Intelligence engine and to get a real time assessment for skills, ranging from 1 to 5 (basic to expert) together with some useful feedback!

Text assessment AI

The system evaluates skills based on a Rubric built by the Edulai team


The supervisor account allows to monitor the results of the overall users evalutat


The 2 or 3 steps evaluation reduces the bias of an automated system


The system uses a 5-stars rating system to indicate each level of skill

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