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Smarano International Academy is a well known Early Keyboards Music School aimed at sharing cultural heritage on special instruments such as  organ, harpsichord, clavichord, and fortepiano. Known all over the world, the Academy is a unique  environment for learning, teaching, practice and concerts.

Smarano International Academy has chosen Smarthink as partner for a Co-Innovation project on "Early Keyboard Music Artist Self- Promotion". The project is funded and supported by Caritro, ELIS Open Factory, Galileo Visionary District

Early Keyboard Musing Self-Promotion Course

Smarano International Academy is glad to open applications to a new specialized pilot course in music management and social media marketing. The course on music auto-promotion and self-promotion, is fully accessible online and available for students and professionals active in the field of early keyboard music. 

Course information are:

  • Limited enrollment (max. 20 stud.)

  • Completely remote

  • Bibliographical material  and exercises

  • 2 hours of pre-recorded video lessons and 13 hours course

  • Modules on: social media marketing and music management

  • Forum support and Q&A with teachers 

  • Certified badge at the end of the course

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