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SkillSet School creates 21st-century professionals through face to face and online lessons and structured exercises.

It is aimed at developing on professionals and students the soft, social and digital skills that corporations want.

SkillSet School

SkillSet School
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The Attractive Workforce | Advanced LinkedIn Online Training |

The Attractive Workforce | Advanced LinkedIn Online Training |

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The Path To Success | Emotional Intelligence and Leadership |

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Press Release

DUBLIN, IRELAND - Marking the official launch of their e-Learning platform, the Irish EdTech SkillSet School joins forces with the Italian Edulai to mitigate the lack of soft and social skills of professionals in both countries.


The cross-country collaboration comes at a time when much has been discussed about the real need for remote training platforms in such a market demanding for better social skills, which may go against full digitalisation presented in most e-Learning products. 


As one of the prominent leaders of the Catch21st project co-funded by the European Commission's Erasmus+ Programme, the company Smarthink, creator of the Edulai product, is well-known in Italy for providing an innovative assessment method of the soft skills of students. Their co-founder, Lucilla Crosta, “believes that technologies can help today in monitoring, measuring and improving soft skills when supported by a sounding pedagogical practice.”


According to Felipe Lodi, the CEO of WorkFlow ICT, the company behind SkillSet School, "the proof that soft and social skills can be taught online is in the employability and confidence of professionals who prepared before leaving their homes to develop their careers internationally."


Both founders agree, though, that whether in the classroom or online, professionals must think about the skills needed in the new century, and that companies and employers will require professionals that are not only technically enabled but emotionally capable, extraordinary communicators and innate leaders, and that their set of soft and social skills must be combined with their digital skills for their success. 


The companies are now supplementing each other's curriculums, and very soon they will be flooding the social media with educational content that is expected to attract new learners not only in Ireland and Italy but globally until they can reduce the gap of soft and social skills. 


About SkillSet School

With hours of content and structured exercises, SkillSet School brings an innovative and exclusive curriculum aimed at developing on expatriate professionals the soft, social and digital skills that international corporations want. The courses are classroom-based or online, delivered by our industry experts in universities and businesses.


About Edulai

Edulai® is an educational software tool helping students and professionals measuring and monitoring their soft skills over time. Edulai® online intelligent library recommends also high quality targeted content to individuals for skills improvement according to their level of development. Edulai® uses an innovative approach while combining technology with pedagogical practice. 

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