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MTC (Mindset-Training-Coaching) is a team of qualified coaches and professionals. Their path combines all the development techniques: training, coaching and mentoring. MTC Consulting is now an important partner inside Edulai network.


  1. Training and Coaching: training is important, but it is equally important to combine it with practice. Implementing what has been learned is essential to understand its meaning and effective usefulness;

  2. Consulting: consulting is not just work, it is about passion. It is the pivot of a series of activities, which aim at a goal, whose underlying principle is "companies grow as people's performance increases"

Success stories

The twenty-year experience of MTC (mindset, training and coaching) has led the company to conceive a new form of consultancy and coachtraining, based on supporting people in an experiential-training path in which success is not a goal, but a natural consequence of choices and actions.

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MTC used Edulai Skills Checker® for one of its important clients in the fashion industry, with the aim of identifying the levels of soft skills of workers and the training needs of the company, understanding which skills to implement in order to reach a high professional performance.

The advantages

Based on the results collected with Edulai, MTC was able to plan individualized and targeted coaching interventions for employees.

Why keep using Edulai

  • For a more accurate profiling of workers

  • To better calibrate training and coaching interventions

  • To provide the customer with a concrete and objective motivation to purchase training for their employees

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