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HRC Fundtraining contributes to improving the world of work with training, ideas and projects for the well-being, growth of people, innovation and sustainable development. It activates resources through innovative and effective services, and develops tailor-made projects for companies and people connected to People Care.

Evaluate the eligibility of your training project

HRC responds to the needs of companies with innovative and effective funded training services, managing all organizational, bureaucratic and administrative aspects with ethics and professionalism.

Success stories

HRC Fundtraining aims to improve the world of work, responding to the needs of businesses and public administrations, with highly innovative services, such as funded training and activities aimed at the wellbeing of employees.

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In collaboration with HRC Fundtraining, we developed the “Smartworking Pills” a project aimed at creating and spreading a corporate culture suitable for remote working. The path was chosen by an important company in the jewelry industry to improve the performance of its remote workers.

The advantages

The short videolessons made available in asynchronous format, briefly offer workers theoretical insights together with concrete examples and practical exercises to be applied in their daily working practice. Additional synchronous online activities can also maximize the effectiveness of training thanks to gamification and best practices.

Why keep using Edulai

  • To make distance learning less burdensome and smarter

  • To train company employees to embrace new ways of working quickly and easily

  • For the development of customized content based on business needs

  • To take advantage of benefits related to funded training

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