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Heads Hunters is a recruitment agency which has been working in the sector for 32 years. Its mission is to create value for companies, supporting entrepreneurs in the processes related to the Search, Selection, Evaluation and Counseling of Qualified People for the Company.

Success stories

Heads Hunters, a  recruitment agency with thirty years of experience in the sector, since its establishment has given priority to values ​​of fairness and social responsibility, earning the esteem and trust of those looking for new job opportunities. With a consolidated presence on dedicated websites and on key social networks, it reaches the most dynamic and professionally valuable candidates. 

Recruiting candidates


Heads Hunters regularly uses Edulai Skills Checker® as a tool for assessing the soft skills of candidates during the recruitment process to identify the best profiles to offer to its clients.

Heads Hunters has also drawn up an agreement with Edulai for delivering change management services or generational handover projects to companies, through the assessment of workers' skills and OnetoOne Counseling services.

The advantages

The dual use of Edulai, for internal purposes and in conjunction with the OnetoOne Counseling service offered by Heads Hunters, represents a strong competitive advantage for the company. In fact, compared to other companies in the sector, it allows to differentiate the offer of services by favoring an approach aimed at supporting companies in every phase of transition, from the recruitment of new staff to the reorganization, especially in light of the continuous changes taking place today in the market place.

Why keep using Edulai

  • To offer further added value to the services provided to companies

  • To create a synergy between the company and its employees

  • To make the most of talents and not just to identify the best ones

Partnership between Edulai and Heads Hunters for the OnetoOne Counseling

We are happy to announce the partnership between Edulai as a soft skills assessment tool and Heads Hunters, Recruitment agency, for the new OnetoOne Counseling service.

Human capital, which determines the value and competitiveness of a company, is still living the disorientation caused by a disruptive experience, which has changed places, times, methods and working conditions.


Everything has changed, nothing has changed.

The company that wants to start growing again, invests in its Human Capital: the Heads Hunters OnetoOne Counseling is a guided, intense, emotional dialogue that stimulates self-evaluation, generates new lymph, releases energy and passion, restores value to work and skills, strengthening self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

Heads Hunters offers individual meetings lasting an average of 30/45 minutes. For more information write to this address.

Counseling OnetoOne

Interview on Employability Skills

Lucia Fiori is a Search and Selection Manager at Heads Hunters, recruitment agency which has been working in the sector for 32 years. She has been interviews by Edulai team on the skills match between candidates and companies

During the interview we asked Mrs. Fiori what were the key skills more requested in candidates nowadays. She identified for us four main ones: the ability to work in team, to deal with people in a constructive way, the ability to listen to others and the passion for what we do.

According to her, the skills most often missed in candidates, are the will to get deeper into things and a high level of commitment. Although today people try to find the right balance between working and free time, this does not mean that at work they can commit less than necessary.

We also asked what she thought was the meaning of 21st Century Skills; she referred to the ability to work in team and to the ability to identify one's personal skills. Natural personal attitudes, always conceived as transversal skills, are also key in her view today.

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