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Frigerio Viaggi was funded in 1974, a solid and reliable company in the travel  & touristic sector, made up with passion and love, since 3 generations now. 

As part of the new Frigerio Viaggi training project, headed by Paola Frigerio and Chiara Frigerio, Edulai has been chosen as a tool for assessing the soft skills of the company network operators.

This path represents an innovation for the tourism sector and will be led by Dr. Brioschi Donella, the coach who will follow the company during all phases of the process.

Success stories

Frigerio Viaggi is a company that boasts a history started in 1974 in the industry of tourism and travel, made up of a common passion for work shared by three generations. The group offers a 360° tourism service, with individual and group travels, the organization of events and congresses and many other initiatives.

Smart working assesment


Frigerio Viaggi uses Edulai Skills Checker® as part of the new training project on soft skills for smart working led respectively by Paola & Chiara Frigerio and coach Donella Brioschi, who followed the company during all stages of the process. The project is aimed at retraining the operators of the company network with the new skills required by the labor market.

The advantages

Thanks to Edulai Skills Checker®, the company was able to complement the personalized training plan with a platform for an objective assessment of users' skills, with highlights on their strengths and shortcomings.

Why keep using Edulai

  • To get an objective measurement of the operators' skills comparable over time

  • To work on people's weaknesses, by strengthening them

  • To enrich traditional training with an innovative approach of added value

  • To involve multiple users at the same time wherever they are, without problems linked to limited number of participants in class or issues related to geographical areas

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