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AxL is an employment agency, offering specific and dedicated services to companies: from temporary workers, to the selections of qualified resources and high profiles, till strategic and re-skilling training.

Edulai and AxL

AxL has chosen Edulai for the selection of best profiles and for the assessment of their soft and remote working skills.

Success stories



AxL uses Edulai Skills Checker® as part of the High Profiles division to evaluate the soft and smart working skills of candidates, identifying the best talents for its customers.

The advantages

Thanks to Edulai, the agency is now able to assess the different profiles to include the most performing professional figures such as executives, middle management and functional specialists. In this case, Edulai reduces the time required for individual analysis thanks to the immediacy of the results processed automatically online and offers an objective assessment of the candidates' skills, which are not always provided by other tools. Furthermore, Edulai can be used to evaluate new skills.

Why keep using Edulai

  • To meet to the changing needs of companies concerning the recruitment and selection process 

  • To ensure a rapid measurement of workers' skills

  • To guarantee the impartiality of the evaluation

  • To provide detailed statistics to users and to those responsible for the selection process

The employment agency AxL S.p.A. operates through several offices located in the national territory and it pays a lot of attention to the needs of the labor market, especially at local level. In 2020 it confirmed, for the second year running, the seventh position in the 50-149 employees category of the Great Place To Work Italy ranking. In the same year, the agency decided to respond to the changes caused by the pandemic in order to improve and to make the candidate selection process more efficient.

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