Assessing and developing skills for the job market of the future

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Edulai is Platform offering a 360° support service to companies, head huntings and universities for measuring and developing candidates, workers and students' soft skills and much more

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Skills Assessment

Measure your soft skills in real time through online professional cases

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Counseling services to support your company in the remote working transition

Remote Working

Text Assessment

Measure your level of critical thinking and communication in your writing and learn from Edulai Artificial Intelligence engine


Explore our e-learning services and use our Intelligent Library for accessing a wide variety of selected resources for improving your skills 


Plans designed to meet the needs of companies related to soft and remote working skills


Offers created to enhance and empower the individual skills of workers


Solutions aimed at measuring and improving workers skills 

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Why Edulai?

Innovative skills assessment technique

Edulai is an intelligent tool that can be easily integrated into the already existing institution software through its LTI. It uses an online in-house built Rubric for the assessment. Through the Skills Checker® it assess students’ soft skills such as: critical thinking, problem solving, team working, communication, leadership, interculturalism and learning.

Different people,
different needs

Edulai suggests candidates, workers and students high quality targeted content through its Intelligent Library, according if the skills developed are at a basic, novice or intermediate level. The users can also review, rate and add new content to the system, that becomes their intelligent internet content identifier.

Leaders monitors users' progress

Leaders can monitor the skills developmental process of workers and students and be part to the assessment process. This can help leaders to understand users' needs and to plan for additional training, coaching or development activities accordingly.

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Verifying skills and obtaining digital badges

Edulai works for improving workers and students skills and for verifying them. Once Edulai proves that the skill has been mastered, it can be captured in a badge which can be collected into a public digital portfolio accessible also by companies HR and employers.

What people say about Edulai 

John, student

Why We're Great >


I like it! It's way more fun than the old-school way.

Lucy, student

Why We're Great >


It gives you wide access to a variety of information related to different categories important to almost every human being.

Jenny, student

Why We're Great >


It has a lot of multiple resources about the important things and I like the videos.

Valery, student

Why We're Great >


The website provides really good resources and it is for free.

David, student

Why We're Great >


It was good rating the level of skills about each category and the idea of viewing more resources based on my likes.

Matt, student

Why We're Great >


The way of adding other resources is fast and not complicated which is amazing.

"More than 100 leaders in education say that they will benefit from the implementation of an Educational Technology tool like Edulai that helps monitoring and assessing online students skills..."

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