We own a specific expertise in the use of new technologies for educational purposes. Our major target groups are companies, workers, professionals and universities.

What we offer

We organize specific online training on the development of 21st century skills for adult workers, and other adult training institutions and we recognize the skills developed through digital badges.

We also deliver specific consultancy services on the tools and pedagogy necessary for designing and delivering e-learning.

Some example of our virtual team workshops are provided here below:


Learn to work in team

Through virtual teams, users learn to work together online, collaborate on a project, solve a problem and develop leadership skill. 


Develop critical thinking

Virtual team training is an occasion for individuals to "learn by doing" and to discuss discuss the key aspects of critical thinking and their concrete application in context. 


Communicate with technologies

The virtual team discussion guides individuals in learning the key aspects of communication, both written and spoken through the use of multimedia. 

All our e-learning offers comprise the use of our special Intelligent Library that users can access for improving their skills.

In addition, we use digital Badges, an innovative tool to visually recognize individual skills development made by formal, informal and non-formal learning everywhere. They can represent any kind of success, from the simple participation in a course, to the development of skills supported by evidence. At the end of our e-learning training we issues the relevant digital badge to each user!


Together with our e-learning courses, you will get access to our Edulai Library, an Intelligent online tool that suggests users high quality selected content on soft skills for improvement, based on their current and potential level.

The users are also able to modify, evaluate and add new resources to the system, which will become their intelligent content identifier on the internet.

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Edulai Intelligent Library suggests, in real time, selected quality resources best suited to each users for their soft skills improvement. It is accessible online from everywhere in the world with a personal user ID and password. 

How does it work?

The Skills

Library new eng.png

Why Edulai Library?


Smart Coach

The Edulai Library suggests as a coach the most suitable resources to users for their soft skills improvement

Different resources level

The Library resources have been carefully categorized into 5 developmental levels ranging from Basic (1) to Expert (5)

Library Management

The user can independently manage his/her own area of the Library by adding new content of interest

Selected and checked resources

All the resources included in the Library are carefully selected and approved by the Edulai administrator

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